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We are proud to present our new instrument: LeDoser™

20 June 2016 – Québec, Canada

Claisse is introducing its new instrument that has been specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision. It is way more than a weighing device: it is an indispensable tool to ensure efficient sample preparation laboratory management. It eliminates human calculation errors and fatigue during the weighing process for an increased accuracy and reproducibility.

In addition to leading to a more efficient use of the operator’s time during the weighing process, it increases their safety by decreasing the risk of operator injuries caused by repetitive tasks.

Moreover, the three available weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight, and absolute weight) provide a seamless integration in laboratory standard operation procedure.

The tank stirrer option provides constant performance for high and low throughput. LeDoser industrial grade balance is made from cutting-edge weighing system technology for unrivalled robustness.

LeDoser includes an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it very user-friendly. The smart flux flow software control ensures constant yield and maximized weighing speed. There are even no calculations needed to determine the flux weight in relation to sample quantity!

Did you know that LeDoser saves up to 80% of the weighing time? Its simple and efficient mechanism made of durable parts and its robust industrial grade balance ensure low maintenance, low cost of ownership and ultimately, a quick return on investment.

Let LeDoser work for you and scale up your analytical performance!

For further information, please visit: www.claisse.com

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