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VIP visit at PANalytical’s Nottingham laboratories

Recently the British Geological Survey International (BGSI) were happy to welcome visitors from the Republic of Sudan. BGSI representative David Ovadia took the guests for a tour of PANalytical’s XRFS Laboratory at Nottingham.

The party was welcomed by Simon Carter who gave a brief overview of the facility and the equipment, followed by Neil Eatherington’s explanation of the XRF technique and the respective lab equipment.

Lead delegate Dr. Abbas E M Salih, Under Secretary to the Ministry of Minerals, explained that the Republic of Sudan were building and equipping new laboratory facilities and he was interested in the instruments in PANalytical’s Nottingham Laboratory. Dr. Abbas was accompanied by representatives from GRAS (Geological Research Authority of the Sudan).


Visitors in the PANalytical Nottingham laboratory:
Dr. Abbas is 5th from left in the centre of the photo, Dr. David Ovadia of BGSI is 4th from the left, Dr. Bill McCourt of BGSI is 3rd from the right.

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