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PANalytical to launch new compact benchtop XRF system for oils and fuels analysis at Gulf Coast Conference 2013

Epsilon 1, XRF spectrometers, PANalytical

PANalytical will launch the new Epsilon 1 XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analyzer at this year’s Gulf Coast Conference (GCC), October 15-16, in Galveston, Texas. Designed as the most powerful benchtop spectrometer in its class, the new Epsilon 1 provides compact and cost effective ‘out of the box’ pre-calibrated solutions for a range of key analytical processes, such as the analysis of additives and contaminants in petroleum products.

Amongst the new Epsilon 1’s pre-calibrated programs is the capacity for precise and accurate analysis of additives in lubricating oils and sulfur contaminants in fuels. These components require comprehensive quantification to meet stringent industry regulations, such as ASTM D4294, D6481 and ISO 20847. The Epsilon 1 will set the new benchmark for analytical performance and ease of use in this class of industry-dedicated XRF instrumentation.

“The need for analysis of additives is a cross industry concern,” commented Pieter de Groot, PANalytical Corporate Marketing Director. “The Epsilon 1 offers pre-calibrated total solution packages, including the analysis of additives in lubricating oils and sulfur in fuels. Designed with simplicity in mind, for the first time PANalytical’s high standards of analysis are now available in this class of desktop instrument.”

For more information on the Epsilon 1 visit www.panalytical.com/epsilon1.

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