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PANalytical to launch Epsilon 1 EDXRF for analysis in mining at FEM 2013

Epsilon 1, XRF spectrometers, PANalytical

PANalytical will launch the new Epsilon 1 XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) for pre-calibrated analysis of mining materials at this year’s 9th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) Conference, October 2013, Levi, Lapland, Finland. Designed to provide compact and cost effective ‘out of the box’ analysis for a number of key analytical processes, the Epsilon 1 offers a total, high quality solution for the elemental analysis of a wide range of materials found in mining operations. Specialists will be on hand throughout the event to answer queries on the range of Epsilon 1 XRF applications at PANalytical booth #B37.

The new Epsilon 1 offers pre-calibrated benchtop XRF for a range of mining material applications, including rocks, soils and a wide range of ore types, required for exploration, mine resource planning and mineral beneficiation. The Epsilon 1 sets the new benchmark for analytical performance and ease of use in this class of industry-dedicated XRF instrumentation.

“PANalytical XRF solutions are well established for high quality elemental and mineral analysis of mining materials,” commented Pieter de Groot, PANalytical Corporate Marketing Director. “The Epsilon 1 now offers this analysis in a powerful and compact benchtop system, eminently suited for a range of key mining material analysis applications. Designed with operational ease of use in mind, for the first time PANalytical’s high standards of analysis are now available within this class of desktop instrument.”

For more information on the Epsilon 1 visit www.panalytical.com/epsilon1.

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