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PANalytical to launch CNA Pentos – 5th generation CNA elemental analyzer, featuring Sodern neutron technology

PANalytical announces the launch of the 5th generation CNA on-line elemental analyzer, the CNA Pentos. The CNA Pentos’ high-frequency analyses provide guidance for quarry development, stockpile construction and raw mix proportioning. The new CNA Pentos includes upgrades to most key components to improve reliability and performance. Increased calibration flexibility enables the unit to operate over a wide range of materials and compositions. This unit reflects the continuous efforts by both PANalytical and SODERN to improve their on-line products featuring Sodern neutron technology (pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation).

CNA Manager, the new user interface software simplifies operation and provides “status at a glance” information to confirm the unit is running properly. Additional new software includes features to simplify configuration and periodic maintenance.

“The CNA Pentos is designed for the cement industry and similar applications, while the CNA3 configuration of the analyzer remains focused on mining and other applications with large material size and belt width”, says Jeffrey Kemmerer, Global Product Manager, PANalytical.
“The Pentos is the direct result of our continuous efforts to improve our process control products”, Pieter de Groot, Corporate Marketing Director, PANalytical, added, “With its range of improvements and new features, it is by far our most capable and reliable belt analyzer”.
For more information about CNA Pentos visit www.panalytical.com/CNA

CNA Pentos, the 5th generation CNA on-line elemental analyzer features many improvements and enhancements.

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