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PANalytical launches Oil-Trace XRF analysis module for new Epsilon 3X benchtop spectrometers

PANalytical presented their Oil-Trace analysis module for Epsilon 3X benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers at Pittcon Conference & Expo 2014. For years Oil-Trace has proven its advantages on PANalytical’s high-power AxiosmaX-Petro WDXRF systems. It is now also available for the new benchtop Epsilon 3X spectrometers.

The package, with its built-in intelligence, enables complete XRF analysis of all types of fuels, oils and oil derivatives for elemental concentrations from ppm to percent. Implementation of the 5th generation of PANalytical’s Fundamental Parameters program and a number of advanced corrections provide superior accuracy. With Oil-Trace, a single calibration based on relatively inexpensive mineral oil standards can be used for quantifying important elements like sulfur, sodium and wear metals like iron, zinc and chromium in many fuels, oils and mixtures.

Oil-Trace together with Epsilon 3X spectrometers can reduce costs dramatically due to savings on calibration setup time, purchasing of standards and maintenance of multiple calibrations. It makes daily operation much easier, reducing the number of calibrations required for many different petrochemicals. Sample preparation is simple and analysis is fast, accurate and reproducible, complying with many international test methods and norms.

The ready-to-go-solution includes the Oil-Trace software, liquid standards for carbon, hydrogen and oxygen characterization, a compact weighing balance, a volumetric flask and a comprehensive user setup documentation.

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