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PANalytical launches Aeris, a new benchtop X-ray powder diffractometer

A surprisingly intuitive companion for everyday X-ray diffraction

1 November 2016, Almelo, the Netherlands, PANalytical, world’s leading supplier of analytical X-ray instrumentation and software, announces the launch of Aeris, their new X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) benchtop instrument. Ease of use and maximum benefits for the user have been the key aspects of this newly developed system, which provides fast and precise phase information of the materials analyzed.

Aeris is accessible for everyone – its built-in touch screen with the intuitive interface directly displays all results. At the same time Aeris is designed for low cost of ownership – it only requires a single-phase power outlet and neither needs cooling water nor compressed air. Nevertheless, as the instrument incorporates many technologies proven on PANalytical’s high-end systems, its performance is exceeding typical benchtop X-ray diffractometer performance. Data quality and speed of data acquisition have so far only been observed on full-power systems. Additionally, Aeris is the first benchtop XRD system that is fully automatable and can easily be incorporated in industrial production control.

As many industries have specific demands for their materials’ analysis, Aeris editions are available, which have been tailored to the specific needs of the cement, mining and metals industries. They provide fast and precise mineralogical phase information, which can be used for control and optimization of the production process. The Research edition of Aeris, on the other hand, is designed for quick XRD scans in any laboratory and is easily accessible for students. Especially with its unique 2D option it also serves as an ideal instrument for teaching XRD.

Harald van Weeren, product manager at PANalytical says: “We at PANalytical are proud that we have succeeded in developing an XRD instrument that is so easy to use and at same time delivers such excellent data quality so quickly. This makes Aeris the ideal instrument for everyday X-ray diffraction analysis for everyone.”

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Aeris – PANalytical’s new, easy-to-use benchtop X-ray powder diffractometer.

High-resolution pictures available at annemiek.van.der.kolk@panalytical.com

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