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PANalytical donation for Save the Children foundation

PANalytical, one of the world’s leading suppliers of analytical instrumentation and software presented a ‘cheque’ representing € 8,000 to Ms. Wendy Flik from the Save the Children foundation. This substantial donation was generated by the most recent PANalytical Global Customer Satisfaction Survey.

As PANalytical puts the customer at the center of its business, customer satisfaction is a fundamental business driver. Customer satisfaction surveys are therefore a key instrument in measuring our performance and identifying improvement areas.

Traditionally PANalytical has donated € 5 to a chosen charity for every completed survey. The number of completed surveys 2014 has by far surpassed previous years and PANalytical’s CEO Peter van Velzen was pleased to present a ‘cheque’ for the amount of € 8,000 to the international charity Save the Children.

Ms. Wendy Flik passionately stated that it is Save the Children’s mission to achieve immediate and lasting change in the lives of children. Quality education for boys and girls is the key to a better future. Peter van Velzen explained that: “PANalytical has high ethical standards and takes its social responsibility very seriously. Supporting the education of children worldwide is part of PANalytical’s contribution to create a better world”.

CEO Peter van Velzen presents the cheque to Ms. Wendy Flik from Save the Children

For more information go to: www.savethechildren.nl

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