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PANalytical announces Epsilon Xflow for monitoring liquid-based processes

8 May 2017 – Almelo, the Netherlands

At the 8th World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB8), in Perth, Western Australia, PANalytical, world’s leading supplier of analytical X-ray instrumentation and software, announces the new Epsilon Xflow system. This new on-line solution is made for the continuous analysis of the elemental composition of any liquid, providing real-time feedback from a production process.

PANalytical’s new Epsilon Xflow on-line monitoring system

The Epsilon Xflow can be incorporated in many different process streams in a wide range of industries such as mining and metals or the production of petrochemicals, polymers or food. Predefined conditions can be closely monitored, enabling an immediate reaction to any change, in this way avoiding waste and unnecessary expenses. Together with PANalytical specialists, customers will determine the positions in their processes, which can profit most from Epsilon Xflow. For example in the petrochemical industry the system can analyze sulfur in fuel even at concentrations lower than 10 mg/kg at many stages of the production process. At the same time low concentrations of vanadium and nickel, which may be harmful to the refinement process, can be determined. Industries will be able to closely check their waste water for hazardous compounds; a task becoming increasingly important with the obligation to comply with stringent environmental regulations.

The analytical core of Epsilon Xflow employs proven energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, which is robust and non destructive with low detection limits and highly accurate and reproducible analysis results. Elements from sodium up to americium at concentrations from a few ppm to 100% can be analyzed. Almost any liquid can pass through the flow cell across the detector which has a leakage protector in place. The system can be tailored to any customer’s needs with optional sample conditioning and common interfaces to manufacturing execution systems.

“Real-time monitoring of a production process is an essential tool for avoiding waste and achieving more cost-effectiveness. With Epsilon Xflow we now offer this possibility for the on-line analysis of most liquid products,” says Mark Pals, PANalytical’s manager of the Priority Lane group. “Together with the customer we will analyze the production process and find the most profitable locations for on-line monitoring”.

For more information please visit the Epsilon Xflow pages.

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