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OpenLab Mexico - IYCr2014

Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography www.iycr2014.org, on 18th – 21st November, PANalytical presented the OpenLab Mexico, at University Autonomous of Mexico (UNAM), Institute of Geology. 70 participants had been pre-selected from 200 applications, demonstrating a large call for crystallographic education. The 4-day program combined seminars and practical demonstrations to provide an overview of the various diffraction techniques with an emphasis on mineralogy. The lectures were given by prestigious professors such as Prof. Jose Chavez Carvayar (President of the Mexican Crystallographic Association) or Prof. Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz from Spain. The program included a well attended poster session, a visit to the Museum of Geology and a movie session (“The Mystery of the Giant Crystals” – Prof. Dr. Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz). Very positive feedback was expressed during the whole event about both the lectures and the practical sessions. The practical sessions (demonstration of the Empyrean) allowed seeing multiple uses and applications of X-ray diffraction and was very beneficial for the participants.

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