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Matteo Bianchini winner of the third PANalytical Award

Mr. Matteo Bianchini, affiliated to three French research institutions, was elected as the winner of the PANalytical Award 2014. His article about a potential new Li-ion system was listed by all 5 jury members as their number one. The jury was impressed by the comprehensive investigation which was carried out with a masterful understanding of crystallography. Mr. Bianchini is currently finalizing his PhD at the University of Amiens (France) and will use the prize money to support him while looking for new scientific challenges abroad.

Mr. Bianchini will receive the PANalytical Award at this year’s European Crystallography Meeting (ECM) in Rovinj, Croatia on 26 August where he will present his work to the professional community. More details about the award-winning article and its author can be found on www.panalytical.com/award.

PANalytical, world’s leading supplier of analytical X-ray instrumentation and software, seeks to reward early-career scientists who have demonstrated innovative thought to their research when using an X-ray analytical technique with a € 5,000 prize. There are no restrictions on the manufacturer of the laboratory X-ray equipment that was used.

The PANalytical Award 2015 is now open for submissions. Applicants must publish a paper in print during the period 1 January 2014 until 1 December 2015 that demonstrates groundbreaking thinking in a topical field and required the use of a laboratory X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence or X-ray scattering instrument as the primary analytical technique. The prize will be decided by a selection committee that includes established research scientists unaffiliated to PANalytical.

Matteo Bianchini, winner of the third PANalytical Award
High resolution picture available at Sybille.franken@panalytical.com

Applying for the award is easy via www.panalytical.com/award, with a closing date of 1 December of this year. Correspondence or questions about the award can be addressed to award@panalytical.com.

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