Rare earth elements (REE)

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Rare earth elements

The complexity in mineralization across the globe makes the separation and extraction of rare earth elements a challenging task. PANalytical offers the right analytical tool to facilitate meeting this task.

Typical applications include:

  • Mineral identification for geological exploration
  • Elemental analysis for process control
  • Major and trace element analysis on geological samples (fused beads)

The challenge of rare earth element analysis

The Minerals edition of Zetium is designed for materials analysis at all stages of the mining process, from exploration samples to mineral concentrates, ores to tailings. The Minerals edition is pre-configured to cover a wide elemental range from oxygen (O) to americium (Am) at concentrations from ppm to 100 wt%.

X-ray diffraction is the main tool for the analysis of crystalline phase composition. With XRD systems all major REE minerals, such as bastnaesite, synchesite, monazite, florencite, xenotime or eudialyte can be identified and quantified.

Near-infrared (NIR) reflectance spectroscopy is well suited and commonly used for the identification and characterization of minerals such as rare earth element minerals among many other. Reflectance spectroscopy is applicable for rapidly characterizing many of the alteration assemblages associated with economic deposits.

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X-ray diffraction is the only laboratory technique that reveals structural information.
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