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Solutions for limestone quality control

Limestone analysis

PANalytical is proud and excited to join the National Limestone Association (NLA). This new partnership will enable us to continue identifying new and inventive solutions to the common challenges in limestone analysis.

Limestone, as a naturally occurring and abundant sedimentary rock, has a broad array of applications. Lime stone is the major raw material for cement production. Whether you're analyzing drill cores to build detailed chemical/mineral maps of mining projects, grinding limestone for filler used in plastics, or making lime for plaster, limestone is a versatile material with its own distinct quality control challenges.

PANalytical’s analytical technologies are the perfect solution for limestone analysis

  • Easy sample preparation. Preparing limestone samples into pressed pellets is easy and non-destructive. There’s no chemical waste or dilution necessary. Also, our XRF instruments allow for larger sample sizes to improve representative characterization of your limestone.
  • Multiple technologies for multiple applications. Whether it’s basic element detection with X-ray fluorescence, or more advanced needs like crystal structure analysis or detecting, identifying and quantifying the polymorphs of calcium carbonate (CaCo3) and its hydrated forms using X-ray diffraction, PANalytical X-ray technologies offer high-quality instruments to suit your needs. We also offer crossbelt Controlled Neutron Analysis solutions to bring your analysis right to the quarry.
  • Repeatability. PANalytical instruments are designed for long-lasting accuracy with minimal need for drift correction and recalibration.
  • Flexibility. Whether you're running your samples in the back of your car at the mine, or in your lab in the city, we offer an array of X-ray analytical solutions to fit your budget and testing environment and provide users with control over their processes.
  • Fast. Our X-ray technologies deliver results that are fast and accurate.

For more information about how PANalytical is solving the challenges of limestone quality control, download this bundle of application notes detailing how our instruments offer fast, high-quality results in limestone analysis.

Download the Limestone Application Note Package which includes these documents:

  • Fingerprinting of mineral mixtures with EDXRF technology
  • Compound analysis of limestone prepared as pressed pellets
  • Quick quantification of major and trace compounds in limestone
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