Non-ferrous metals

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Non-ferrous metals

The non-ferrous metals industry includes the production of different metals for a very wide range of applications. Important non-ferrous metals are aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium and zinc, and their alloys.
Use of these materials is widespread in industries from automotive manufacturing to construction, in the manufacture of advanced specification, high-technology goods for high temperature, corrosion resistance, as well as for high strength to weight ratio (e.g. titanium and its alloys).

Meeting industry needs – chemical and physical characterization of non-ferrous metals

Highly accurate chemical analysis of major, minor and trace elements at concentrations from sub-ppm to % in the industry is necessary to satisfy the strict requirements for critical process and quality control applications in terms of quick, robust and reliable characterization. XRF for major and minor element analysis and XRD for phase characterization in process control are techniques proven to meet these demands as well as to streamline production.

Enhanced application modules and software solutions

  • Elemental analysis of final metal products by WD- and EDXRF spectrometers
  • Light elements analysis by optical emission spectrometers
  • Charge correction calculation software to provide automatic feedback for optimum process control
  • Turnkey modules such as Cu-base combined with our sequential spectrometers, to enable easy setup of the analysis of copper alloys
  • WROXI application module for fast, quantitative analysis of raw materials
  • Omnian software for fast and qualitative elemental analysis
  • High throughput ensured with up to 250 samples analyzed in a day
  • Complete automated laboratory solutions for unrivalled speed and hassle-free operation

Potflux process control with X-ray diffraction

XRD is the aluminium industry's standard method for potflux process control. The high-performance PANalytical CubiX³ Potflux system enables simultaneous determination of the phases occurring in aluminium baths, as well as their calcium (Ca) content. Through an integrated Ca XRF channel in the CubiX³ diffractometer, our Potflux module is built for accuracy and high-throughput measuring of up to 60 samples per hour and ideal for making informed production decisions.

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