Ferrous metals

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Ferrous metals

The ferrous metals industry produces materials for a very wide range of applications. Its output includes many different types of steel, cast iron and secondary metal products, as well as raw materials such as sinter, slags or scraps.

Use of these materials is widespread in industries from automotive manufacturing to construction, and in the manufacture of advanced specification and high-technology goods.

From process analysis to quality control

Ferrous metal products are monitored continuously during the manufacturing process to ensure consistency in elemental composition and structural characteristics. Our flexible, robust sequential and simultaneous spectrometers deliver precise, accurate elemental analysis down to concentrations of just a few ppm, and at sub-ppm levels when combined with an optical emission spectrometer (OES).
Investigating the structure of metals and alloys is fundamental to gaining an understanding of their physical properties. Our current portfolio offers high-performance XRD instruments that characterize metals and alloys, addressing any questions related to residual stress and texture and informing essential production decisions.

Typical applications include:

  • Elemental analysis of final metal products by WD- and EDXRF spectrometers
  • Application modules such as NiFeCo built in our sequential spectrometers, engineered for easy calibration setup for the analysis of super alloys and designed to minimize user time and effort
  • WROXI application module for fast, quantitative analysis of slags and raw materials
  • Omnian software for fast and qualitative elemental analysis
  • High throughput ensured with up to 250 samples analyzed in a day
  • Tailored software packages HighScore, Stress Plus and Texture for phase identification and quantification (e.g. retained austenite)
  • Investigation of the structures of both steel and raw materials by X-ray diffraction (e.g. stress and texture analysis)
  • Complete automated laboratory solutions for unrivalled speed and hassle-free operation
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