Application support


PANalytical’s Expertise: capitalise on your investment

The purchase of a XRF spectrometer or XRD system is a significant investment, which will add value to your company for many years.

PANalytical Expertise programs are designed to ensure that the capabilities of an X-ray system can be fully realized. Turnkey solutions are provided through priority access to unrivalled application knowledge and experience in analytical X-ray methodologies.

Expertise programs, gain priority access to PANalytical’s unrivalled expertise in:

  • Sample preparation methodology
  • Applications development
  • Optimization of calibration maintenance
  • The development of standardized operating procedures
  • Transfer / distribution of application methods to other PANalytical XRF systems
  • Analytical method validation
  • Good laboratory practice (GLP) consultation
  • Tailored training packages
  • Standard reference materials
  • XRD turnkey Rietveld solutions for mining and cement

Individual support

Tailored to the particular requirements and exact application needs of each customer, PANalytical Expertise consists of proactive support, dedicated consultations from applications specialists, and assistance with the development of optimized analytical methodologies.

Participants, for example, may require consultancy for a specific project focused on optimizing a single method. Alternatively, an ongoing program can combine yearly or half-yearly visits from application specialists, with telephone and remote computer support.

Simply improving existing processes or adding new turnkey applications can make your instrument more efficient and maximize the return on your investment.

Whatever the make-up of the agreement, each one is tailored to the particular requirements and exact application needs of the customer. To ensure confidentiality of company data and processes, all Expertise programs are conducted under strict nondisclosure agreements.

Expert consultation


Where a long-term agreement is in place, scheduled consultation visits ensure your analytical process continues to run at an optimal level. Visits can focus on sample preparation processes, application optimization, or they can be used for further staff training. They are an ideal time to learn about new developments and the potential to broaden system scope.

PANalytical consultancy is available for specific projects too. For example, workflow management, implementing and operating standardized methods, and issues around GLP can all be covered by an Expertise program.

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