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Aeris Asia tour and Combined Analytical Solutions (Cement)

Apply holistic solutions across your industries, such as cement, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and more. For instance, using X-ray diffraction to understand your product's mineralogical make up at the research stage, elemental screening with X-ray fluorescence at production, ensuring even particle size distribution with laser diffraction for better results. Imagine the areas of your process chain that you could apply different analytical techniques from Malvern and PANalytical.  Learn more about how you can combine these solutions to gain more control over your research process and also get to witness the launch of our new X-ray diffractometer Aeris, which features superior data quality that's comparable to floor standing systems and quick analysis time from as fast as 5 mins. Don’t miss your opportunity to see Aeris LIVE and also get the chance to expand your knowledge at our complimentary and informative event! Seats are limited so register today!