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April 12 - April 12

PANalytical Day 2016

Since 2005, we have been organizing the PANalytical Day, an exclusive event for our end users. Its key purpose is sharing the latest applications and advancements in X-ray analysis. This year's PANalytical Day is jointly organized by the Beijing Center for Physical & Chemical Analysis and the Beijing Physical & Chemistry Testing Technology Society.

PANalytical Day 2016

At the event we will focus on the latest innovations in XRF analysis. In the past, WDXRF was the usual go-to technique. But recent advancements in EDXRF enable you to do much more. PANalytical's Xue Shilei, our Head of Laboratories in China and a familiar face in the analytical arena, will share his knowledge about compact and mobile EDXRF solutions.

So which is better, ED- or WDXRF? Nowadays you don't need to choose any more, because our latest floor spectrometer Zetium combines both analytical techniques using our SumXcore technology! Speaking alongside Xue Shilei is Dr. Christos Tsouris, product manager at the PANalytical HQ in the Netherlands. He was instrumental in the development of Zetium, named as 2015's R & D's top 100 shortlisted analytical instruments. Besides the talks,there will be on-site demonstrations too at the Beijing Center for Physical & Chemical Analysis.
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  • PANalytical Day 2016
  • Hongyun Hall 3, 3rd Floor, Beijing Science Park Plaza. 25, Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • 12 April 2016, 08:30 - 12 April 2016, 17:00
  • UTC+08:00 Asia/Shanghai

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