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May 14 - May 16

Introduction into Rietveld quantification for cement and mining industry

The course is intended for users from various industries (cement, mining and others). It gives a basic introduction into the principles of Rietveld quantification. The focus is on practical aspects like the creation of control files, the refinement strategies for simple and complex materials, and the fine-tuning of control files. For the training, several examples from industrial applications will be used (raw materials, clinker, cement, ores). A knowledge on the Rietveld method is not required to attend the course.

Course details

The main aspects covered during the course are the following:
• Phase identification
• Basic introduction into Rietveld quantification
• Rietveld quantification with HighScore+
• Creation of control files for Rietveld quantification
• Rietveld refining strategies
• Practice with simple examples (mixtures of two or three components)
• Treatment of complex materials
• Fine-tuning of control files
• Optional: quantification of amorphous content

Language: English (alternatives upon request)
Course duration: 2,5 days (4 days with quantification of amorphous content)
Number of participants: minimum - 3, maximum – 12

For further information contact your local representative or:
Ms. A. Zagoritou, ACC Coordinator
Malvern Panalytical B.V.
Application Competence Center
P.O. Box 13
7600 AA Almelo
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 546 534438
Fax: +31 546 534598

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  • Introduction into Rietveld quantification for cement and mining industry
  • Almelo, The Netherlands
  • 14 May 2018, 09:00 - 16 May 2018, 13:00
  • UTC+01:00 Europe/Amsterdam

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