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February 06 - February 09

ICT Conference 2018

Non-destructive Testing and 3D Materials Characterisation

Scientific Scope

>> CT for non-destructive testing of metals, plastics, composites, ceramics and other materials
>> Application of CT in automotive-, aerospace- and material industry
>> CT as a tool for the development of new materials and components
>> CT for 3D material characterisation
>> Geometry determination with macro- and micro-CT
>> Initial sampling inspection and reverse engineering
>> Evaluation and visualisation of CT data
>> New algorithms and software tools for the evaluation and visualisation of CT data
>> Correction and fi lter methods for the improvement of CT results
>> Quantitative evaluation of CT data
>> Standardisation of CT
>> New CT methods for high resolution, energy dispersive and fast CT
>> Synchrotron-CT methods
>> New developments in CT instrument technology including X-ray detectors and sources
>> Phase contrast and grating interferometer CT

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