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March 07 - March 09

Helping ceramic companies overcome their screening and process challenges

Indian Ceramics 2018 exhibition

Manufacturing ceramics in India is becoming increasingly challenging. Rising costs of fuel, varying degrees of raw materials, competitive pricing of ceramic products from mainland China and environmental waste emissions, are just a few areas that ceramic companies need to battle with. With the analytical know-how of Malvern Panalytical, we can help optimize your raw materials screening and process control, while ensuring you adhere to environmental regulations:

Better identify the areas to drill and explore: Quickly analyze rocks and drill cores directly in the mine, using our point and click handheld TerraSpec Halo NIR. For analyzing inclusions in rocks, ores or minerals, consider our Epsilon 1 EDXRF for small spot analysis.
Bulk materials screening: On-line grade control with safe, rugged and unique below the belt elemental analysis, using CNA3 or mineralogical monitoring with Quality Spec 7000.
Control product properties: Optimize milling conditions with the Insitec on-line particle size analyzer.
Better process and quality monitoring: Quick and high throughput screening of raw materials with our new high performance benchtops - EDXRF Epsilon 4 using elemental analysis and Aeris XRD for mineralogical monitoring.
Take care of the environment and air quality: Conduct on-line elemental checks of mining wastewater or process liquors with Epsilon Xflow prior to releasing into the environment. Carefully monitor the elemental composition of particle matter in ambient air (EPA IO3-3) with the new Epsilon 4.

Get a demo

Our application specialists from the supply center in the Netherlands, will be present at the Indian Ceramics 2018 exhibition. Interested in getting your sample tested?
Bring your sample to our booth A-277.

  • Helping ceramic companies overcome their screening and process challenges
  • Booth A-277, The Exhibition Centre, Helipad Ground, Sector-17, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
  • 7 March 2018, 10:00 - 9 March 2018, 17:00
  • UTC+05:30 Asia/Calcutta

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