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July 18 - July 18

Aeris Asia tour and Combined Analytical Solutions (Cement)

Complete your analysis with holistic XRD, XRF and Laser Diffraction solutions

Knowing the mineralogical make up of your cement could save you as much as USD100,000 per year. Imagine how much more you can save if you had complete knowledge of the elemental make up and particle size/shape. Join our event by Regional Application Specialists from PANalytical, Malvern and Claisse and learn how to improve your plant's grinding, burning efficiency as well as cement strength and hydration by measuring: 

1. Superior phase analysis in as fast as 5 minutes

2. Faster, high-resolution and highly repeatable particle sizing (from as small as 0.01µm) and shape using laser diffraction, compared to traditional sieving method 

3. High throughput monitoring (up to 200 samples) of the elemental analysis using X-ray fluorescence

4. Pick up tips on how to enjoy more accurate and repeatable results than traditional pressed pellets. Good analysis starts with good sample preparation, such as fusion (compliant with ASTM C114 and ISO/DIS 29581-2 qualification).

  • Aeris Asia tour and Combined Analytical Solutions (Cement)
  • Manilla, Philippines
  • 18 July 2017, 00:00 - 18 July 2017, 00:00
  • UTC+08:00 Asia/Shanghai

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