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February 05 - February 09


Australian X-ray Analytical Association (AXAA) workshops, conference and exhibition

AXAA-2017 will be an essential event for those in industry and academia who are working, researching and driving development in the fields of laboratory X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, and in synchrotron, neutron and other scattering techniques. Melbourne is home to the Australian Synchrotron and 2017 will mark 10 years of operation of Australia’s major X-ray characterisation and research facility.

Bruno Vrebos, Application Specialist XRF at PANalytical, will give a workshop on WDXRF.

  • AXAA-2017
  • Pullman Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia
  • 5 February 2017, 00:00 - 9 February 2017, 00:00
  • UTC+10:00 Australia/Lindeman

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