Epsilon Xflow

Several typical applications in different industries exemplify direct benefits:

Blending sharpness for fuels and lubrication oils

In oil refining operations reduction of sulfur ‘giveaway’ can be achieved by improvement of blending sharpness for compliance to Tier 3, Euro VI and other environmental regulations. Excellent repeatability at low sulfur level, visualized in the graph, ensures sharper blending and thus less giveaway.

Monitoring of liquids and liquors during ore processing

Processing of ores and concentrates requires frequent and accurate monitoring to ensure highest efficiency and minimal costs.

Epsilon Xflow enables on-line control of the composition of processing liquids, liquors and reagents under rough process conditions.

Mine wastewater control

Keeping the environmental footprint minimal and protect life around mining operations from harmful elements, constant online monitoring of the quality of mine wastewater is mandatory.

Epsilon Xflow can detect traces of toxic metals traces and other elements to enable immediate counteractions to prevent environmental damage.

Monitoring of key minerals in liquid food products

Nutrient and mineral fortification are essential steps during the production of many food products. Accurate fortification combined with homogeneous mixing will ensure that the final product always meets the label claim.

Epsilon Xflow provides on-line monitoring of key minerals controlled in liquid products including potassium, calcium and iron.

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