Empyrean, X-ray diffractometer, PANalytical, XRD

Highest data quality on every sample

Praised by scientists for its performance, Empyrean allows them to prepare for synchrotron beam time in the best possible way. The unrivalled collection of sample stages and optical components for Empyrean allows applications to be done in various ways: from ‘simple’ by just adding a few slits and analysis software to a standard geometry, to top performance using dedicated optics, sources and detectors. This is ideal for a multipurpose laboratory: if the need for a certain application increases, data quality and throughput time can be improved by adding dedicated modules.

Empyrean, X-ray diffractometer, PANalytical, XRD

Multipurpose and future proof

“The only thing constant in life is change”. This holds especially in a research environment, where the analytical needs often change with a redirection of the research program. New applications are easily added to an Empyrean system, making it the perfect answer for anything the feature will hold. New and exciting applications are constantly developed on this platform, keeping our customers on the cutting edge of technology.

PIXcel, PANalytical

PIXcel technology

The only X-ray detector that can be used as a point, line and area detector, the PIXcel3D is available as part of the Empyrean, a high-performance X-ray diffractometer platform. With PIXcel3D, PANalytical has been able to design a multipurpose system that handles measurements on powders, thin films, nanomaterials and solid objects in one instrument, with no compromise in data quality.

  • Superior resolution and speed of data collection
  • Extremely high dynamic range
  • High count rate linearity
  • Maintenance-free

High-performance SAXS/WAXS with ScatterX78

ScatterX78 is a versatile tool for nanoparticle and nanostructure analysis based on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering. Data can be collected with short measurement times and with good sensitivity even for weakly scattering samples.

• Attachment to goniometer platform
• Compact, ergonomic and easy to use
• Evacuated beam path
• 2theta range: 0.08 - 78 deg
• Variety of sample holders, incl. temperature control
• 2D SAXS and 2D WAXS option

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PreFIX, PANalytical


PreFIX is PANalytical’s proven proprietary concept that stands for pre-aligned fast interchangeable X-ray modules. Thanks to this PreFIX concept your diffraction system becomes flexible, fast and future proof. The PreFIX mounting method of optics and stages enables the diffractometer to be reconfigured thanks to a reproducible positioning in three dimensions with microns precision. This allows users to switch between different applications in a matter of minutes, making the Empyrean a real multipurpose diffractometer.

Empyrean, X-ray diffractometer, PANalytical, XRD

Good laboratory practice

Empyrean with its alignment-free PreFIX modules and measurement and analysis automation possibilities supports anyone who has good laboratory practice (GLP) in mind. In addition, every aspect of the Empyrean package, from the hardware to dedicated analysis solutions, comes with extensive tutorials for novice users yet offers access to all functions for experts.

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