Empyrean Nano edition

Maximum flexibility

The unique flexibility to easily and quickly configure the Empyrean Nano edition for the different X-ray scattering techniques is enabled by a 2-circle goniometer platform on which quickly interchangeable, pre-aligned X-ray modules (PreFIX) and sample stages can be mounted.
Whereas SAXS measurements can be readily done with a static detector, the goniometer comes into play for accessing the extended angular range that is required for WAXS and ultimately for total scattering (PDF) measurements. With a smallest 2theta step width of 0.0001 deg the high-resolution goniometer also readily supports the USAXS application.
For accessing highest possible scattering vectors, the standard Cu X-ray tube can be easily exchanged against a Ag or Mo one.

High-performing detectors

The performance of the X-ray detector is critical for obtaining high-quality X-ray scattering data. PANalytical's hybrid pixel area detectors, GaliPIX3D and PIXcel3D, excel by their very low intrinsic noise and a high dynamic range. Their high spatial resolution enables for experimental setups that are rather compact and conveniently fit within the 240 mm goniometer radius. The GaliPIX3D detector, having 100% absorption efficiency for Cu, Mo and Ag radiation, is the detector of choice when you want to perform not only SAXS/WAXS but also fast PDF measurements.

SAXS/WAXS with ScatterX78

ScatterX78 is a versatile tool for nanoparticle and nanostructure analysis based on small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering. Data can be collected with short measurement times and with good sensitivity even for weakly scattering samples.

• PreFIX attachment to goniometer platform
• Compact, ergonomic and easy to use
• Evacuated beam path
• 2theta range: 0.08 - 78 deg
• Variety of sample holders, incl. temperature control
• 2D SAXS and 2D WAXS option

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USAXS option for ultimate small-angle resolution

On the Empyrean Nano edition the resolution can be pushed to ultra-small angles by using a Bonse-Hart type of experimental setup based on pre-aligned, high-resolution optical components. With such a USAXS setup the smallest accessible scattering angle is approximately 0.005 deg, with a corresponding largest Bragg spacing of 1700 nm.

Easily accessible, radiation-safe enclosure

The Empyrean Nano edition meets all relevant worldwide regulations regarding electrical, mechanical and X-ray safety, by default also for hard X-rays. The experimental setup is within a radiation-safe enclosure that has large see-through windows. Wide-opening doors enable for easy access to the setup when required.

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