CubiX³ Cement


Ultra fast sample loading in combination with a high speed 1D detector such as X’Celerator allow a higher sample throughput.

CubiX³, PANalytical

The CubiX³ Cement is a dedicated version, tailored to the needs of those working in building materials.

CubiX³ Cement, Sodern CNA, Axios<sup>mAX</sup>-Cement
What can it do for you?

Push button analysis gypsum raw material, limestone, fly ash, blast furnance slag, aluminate cement and many other materials.

HighScore, PANalytical

HighScore, our powder diffraction software, can be used for phase identification and depth profiling of phases in polycrystalline coatings.

Now used for building materials

We have a strong track record in meeting the specific needs of the global building materials sector, to satisfy regulated activities in cement making processes.

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