Oil and fuel calibration standards

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Oil and fuel calibration standards

Oils and fuels production has to adhere to stringent international norms and standards like ASTM and others. Traceable Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are essential in this industry.
PANalytical, in partnership with VHG Labs Inc., provides certified XRF calibration standards and reference materials for analyzing numerous types of oils and fuels.

The standards are produced in VHG’s ISO 17025 and Guide 34 certified laboratory, and quality checked by ICP.

Typical traceable CRMs and applications include

  • Sulfur in several fuels, biofuels and common mixtures
  • Crude oil
  • Lube oil additives in lube oils
  • Wear metals in used lube oils
  • Liquid drift monitors
  • Calibration update samples

Supporting compliance and enhancing productivity

The calibration standards are designed for optimal performance with PANalytical instruments and include features such as Performance Testing Samples (PTP) and Certificate of Analysis (COA).

The addition of PANalytical performance test samples provides added value, especially for laboratory quality assurance programs and accreditations. These calibration standards provide essential total solutions to meet the requirements of quality systems and support to compliance with ASTM and ISO standard test methods.
PANalytical calibration packages are produced in convenient sample sizes and packaged in a protective atmosphere for improved storage stability.

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