Coal is an important industrial mineral both as a fuel and feedstock. Coal quality can vary greatly depending on the source, hence the usage and price are highly dependent on the composition.
Whether located directly at a mine, a coal processing plant, a metallurgical plant, a power plant or other usage point, the CNA³ can provide reliable real-time information on the coal composition, calorific value, ash content, volatile matter, and moisture. The CNA³ neutron generator technology enables measurement of a wide range of elements, including C and O.


The CNA³ design is particularly suited for conveyor belts carrying copper ore. The unit is designed to accommodate wide belts with variable loading and a wide range of particle sizes. With the entire unit below the belt, oversize material passes harmlessly over the analyzer. The unit provides elemental data for a wide range of elements. This data can be used to guide mining operations, sort material streams, and provide feed forward process control information.


With its large calibration range, the CNA³ can analyze a wide range of iron ore. The unit can be located deep underground or at ground level and can provide elemental information to guide mining operations and/or mix different ores to a target composition to reduce variability in downstream processes.


Whether used at the mine or in downstream processing, the CNA³ can provide information to control nickel grade, Fe/Ni ratio, basicity index and other key process parameters. Powered by a neutron tube, the CNA³ provides a controlled neutron flux for stable operation and unmatched safety.

  • Perform resources assessment
  • Monitor key components for mining operation
  • Sort ore by element(s) of interest
  • Optimize crushing operation
  • Optimize magnetic separation
  • Optimize leach pile compositionquarry life
  • Minimize flotation reagent consumption
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