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Top 5 PANalytical web seminars of 2016

By Linda Bratica, Marketing Events Coordinator

The 2016 PANalytical web seminar program offered 18 titles covering all of our technologies. They were presented by 13 technical experts and 2 guest speakers from prestigious organizations. We enjoy bringing you topics that help to improve analysis of your materials, as well as, offering a time and place for you to have direct access to our experts through the live question and answer session that concludes our web seminars.

The top 5 web seminars of 2016 were: (links enclosed below)

1. Do you want to collect high-quality X-ray reflectometry data? Good practices that will help
2. In situ / in operando XRD characterization of lithium-ion batteries
3. XRF theory in application - Which technology is better? WD or ED
4. Rapid free lime analysis for high frequency process control
5. Redefining benchtop XRD: See how materials research is made easy

Our live web seminar program is one that our customers and prospects value.

Testimonials from 2016:

"This is one of the best webinars I've watched. Great practical advice. Looking forward to the next one on simulation."

"Excellent presentation and very practical advice."

"Very good presentation of the product and applications. High quality and knowledgeable presenter."

"The level of detail by the speakers was perfect for a 45 minute presentation."

This free educational resource with direct access to our technical experts offers a time saving, zero cost benefit to you and your colleagues. All of our live web seminars are recorded and made available for viewing through the knowledge center on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at our next web seminar that covers your area of interest.
Check back with us often to see new postings as our live web seminar calendar is updated weekly.

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