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Getting insight – 2015 webinars

By Annemiek van der Kolk, Corporate Marketing & Communications

With our webinar program we aim to give the audience valuable information about analytical methods, their applications and innovations. The live webinars take 45 minutes with levels varying from basic to expert. The interactive presentations also include background information and are always wrapped up with a Q&A part.

In last year’s program we welcomed large audiences for the webinars about the innovative components of PANalytical’s new product Zetium. The application-focused webinars on mining and thin films were very popular too and got a place in the top 3. Overall, we hear that listeners appreciate our webinars and ‘stay tuned’ till the end.

Please find below an overview of the 2015 top 5 webinars (with links to the on-demand version):

Top 5 webinars 2015

1. Achieving elemental excellence with the Zetium X-ray spectrometer
2. XRD characterization of highly oriented thin films
3. XRF application modules for mining
4. Superior XRF analysis with combined WD and ED cores using
    SumXcore technology and Zetium
5. XRF solutions to support your QAQC program

Wondering what we have in store for you this year? Click here to view our 2016 program.

If you have any suggestions or requests with regard to our webinars, please leave a message below.

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