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Enabling student research in mining and energy

With a changing climate comes an ever-increasing need to better understand our environment and identify ways to sustainably harness its resources.
To further enable and encourage vital research, our friends at ASD are once again supporting an outstanding program for graduate students in the mining and energy industries.


The ASD Students in Mining and Energy TerraSpec® Instrument Program was developed to enhance research innovation by providing temporary use of a TerraSpec® 4 Mineral Analyzer or a TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier to eligible students.

The TerraSpec line of spectrometers provide portable, rapid and non-destructive analysis of minerals in the lab or field. Recipients of the TerraSpec 4 are also given access to The Spectral Geologist (TSG™) mineral analysis software, which easily sorts and analyzes the high quality spectral data collected by the instrument.

This is an outstanding program that is open to masters and Ph.D students in most countries around the world.

For full criteria and eligibility requirements and to apply, visit

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