Axios FAST

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Axios FAST

The Axios FAST spectrometer is equipped with PANalytical’s advanced SST-mAX X-ray tube. SST-mAX features groundbreaking ZETA technology, which eliminates the effects of X-ray tube aging – by far the largest contributor to instrument drift especially for light elements. This ensures that ‘new tube’ performance is maintained throughout the tube’s lifetime and there is no need for recalibration over long periods of time. Together with the 4 kW output this results in maintaining the highest sensitivities and lowest detection limits for light elements over time.

Axios FAST simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer is extremely flexible. Its configuration will be customized to meet the highest demands of the industry for accuracy and speed.

Key specifications and options

Sample handling Performance related Uptime
Barcode reader SST-mAX (160 mA) tube Max. 28 channels PANassist
Continuous loading           • ZETA technology Max. 4 goniometer positions Dust removal device
Direct loading           • CHI-BLUE coating High counting rate capacity (up to 3 Mcps)
VRC changer
• 168 positions
Iso-Watt switching HiPer channels
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