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Studying the thermal stability of gallium nitride based high electron mobility transistor structures

In situ ultra-fast reciprocal space maps (URSM)

With the new edition of the data collector software large reciprocal space maps can be measured with PIXcel3D detector within tens of seconds. This option, combined with the functionality of the domed heating and cooling stages (DHS 1100 and DCS 350), enables in situ monitoring of temperature effects on the epitaxial layers in real time.

In this application note, the results of the X-ray analysis on the thermal stability of an AlInN/AlN/GaN heterostructure is demonstrated. By using a PIXcel3D detector, reciprocal space maps (RSM) were rapidly measured while annealing the sample at 600˚C. The timeresolved data allowed to monitor the degradation process and its kinetics.

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