About us

Main offices

PANalytical B.V. supply center and headquarters
 Lelyweg 1
 7602 EA Almelo
 The Netherlands
 Tel. +31 546 534444

PANalytical B.V., supply center for X-ray tubes
 De Schakel 18
 5651 GH Eindhoven
 The Netherlands
 Tel. +31 40 2766086

PANalytical Ltd., competence center for XRF
applications and standards

 Environmental Science Centre
 Nottingham NG12 5GG
 United Kingdom

ASD Inc., PANalytical NIR Excellence Center
 2555 55th Street
 Boulder CO 80301

Corporation Scientifique Claisse, fusion sample preparation
 350 rue Franquet, suite 45
 Quebec G 1P 4P3

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